Server Upgrade And Migration Announcement

Do not ignore this CRITICAL information about your website and our major server upgrade and migration.

In order to ensure the long term reliability of your website we have been working hard on your behalf for the past four months to create a brand new server infrastructure with the redundancy and scalability that will serve you far into the future. There may be some elements that are temporarily inconvenient and frustrating for you over the next few days of migration. I am really sorry for those things in advance, but this upgrade is absolutely necessary and good for your website long term.

This upgrade has entailed massive rewrites of how our CMS must now function across multiple web servers, interacting with many different cloud storage systems, virtual private servers and databases. We have tested our platform rigorously and are aware of a few remaining minor bugs that we are working to fix. But on thursday, the old server had a kernel panic that took it down for 45 minutes, and we feel it is in your best interests to complete this migration as soon as possible.

This upgrade bring you VPS (Virtual Private Servers) at very atractive prices. Using the latest technology, build on solusVM platform based on openVZ virtualization, bring your business on next level. Also we ofer VPS Reseller packages, so you can resell Virtual Private Servers to your clients.

So I thank you for your patience and graciousness and I want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to make this as smooth as possible. We will respond to questions, prioritize the bugs and get them all resolved as quickly as possible.


  1. Preview Site. Check that your website looks and functions correctly at your preview domain on the new server. 
  2. Clear DNS cache. If your website is still pointed to the old server ips, then please clear your browser cache and flush your dns. To do this, please folow the steps bellow:
    1. Go to your browser settings -> history -> clear cache, then restart the browser
    2. please follow this tutorial:
    3. if this still not working for you, change your public dns by following this tutorial:



We want to give you reasonable time to make these changes, but we must migrate quickly because of temporary slowness caused by databases and websites residing on different data centers during this migration. The old server will migrate to new server on Sunday, April 8, 2017 at 12:00pm 


We are working on fixing some small bugs on the new platform, but if you find other issues, please email us at to make sure we're aware of it. Be assured that we'll get it fixed as soon as humanly possible. 

If you have a genuine emergency where your website does not load and you have already tried to update the DNS, email our emergency address and I will respond (day or night). But please use this ONLY if your website is inaccessible.


Thank you for your business and for letting us serve you for so many years. Thank you for your continued patience as we work extra hard to complete this server migration on your behalf.

Sincerely, George Constantin - WebHostingSo Administrator